Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mini Backpacks and Star Wars

One time I saw plastic sharpeners being sold at Circle C, and they were in the shape of miniature backpacks. I bought a blue one for P20.

The other day, I found the same sharpeners from a different store, but they were priced at P10, and I was like, aw man. I bought three more, plus a plush charm with a dog's face, and was only asked to pay P40. So, the plush charm wasn't P20? I just noticed the price difference when the saleslady already bagged my items. I guess that makes up for the extra P10 I paid for the first sharpener. Sigh.

Those backpacks are 1:6. I just need to glue ribbons as bag straps. And I'm thinking about the Frozen stickers on them, if I should get rid of them or leave them alone. Hmm. The plush charm is for Lottie. She can use it as a pillow.

On a different day, I saw the Shopkins blind backpacks at SM. I wonder all the time why these blind bags are out of the stock most of the time. Are they really hot items? or are they prone to being shoplifted so now they are limited? Anyway, I had points to redeem from my membership card and thought that Lottie could use those backpacks, so I got one. I like to spoil her, what can I say, heh. I don't care that much about the Shopkins themselves; the bowling pin and jelly that were hidden inside the backpacks, but at least now I know how it feels like to touch a Shopkins item. They're firmer than those Shopkins clones I've dealt with before. And I could probably use them as props for future photos. They still might become useful someday.

The Shopkins backpacks only have moulded straps at the back, so again I shall glue ribbons there as bag straps. The size is perfect for Lottie. Will take photos when I'm done.

I also thought I'd photograph what has become my accidental Star Wars bust collection. First came the R2D2 snack clip I thrifted. I was supposed to give it to an old friend because she's a Star Wars fan, but we're not friends anymore so I get to keep this, hah. Then came the Chewbacca and BB8 pencil toppers from breakfast cereals. Then I'm not sure which came next, Queen Amidala Pepsi bottle cap that I thrifted, or the C3PO pencil topper which I bought at the Toycon Launchpad this year held at UP Town Center. (/I just checked an old entry. Yes, Queen Amidala came first, then C3PO.)

I think I'm stopping at five Star Wars characters. I'll move these to my new place soon.

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