Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lottie as Kuidaore Taro

I found a Japanese thrift store near SM Sangandaan. I looked around and bought these plush toys for P30 each.

First, I found a Toy Story 3 miniature plush beanie with velcro closure.

I thought it would fit a big headed doll like Pinkie Cooper or La Dee Da. I haven't done any fitting yet on either. It looks a bit big for Monster High even though it closes nicely on the doll.

And I found this clown doll. I've seen this clown before, but I didn't know the name. It turns out that this is Kuidaore Taro, a mascot from Dotonbori, Osaka, Japan.

I only bought the clown for the clothes.

Here's Lottie as Kuidaore Taro. I had to make adjustments with the collar so that Lottie could wear the top. The shorts fit her well, so does the hat. The pair of eyeglasses on the plush is not durable so I decided not to use them anymore on Lottie. I think Lottie looks adorable in this outfit.