Thursday, July 21, 2016

Christie and Midge

I saw Midge from an online seller's posting and thought, wow this Midge doll is gorgeous. She has the red hair that I love about Midge dolls, and of course her face is just beautiful. I found out that she's a California Dream Midge.

Then when I checked out the other dolls the seller still has, I saw Christie with pink hair, and I was simply drawn to her. Her skin tone is perfect, her white earrings are intact, and her hair... it's not neon pink. It's just a light pink, which is not overpowering her skin colour. Christie is a Fountain Mermaid Barbie. Ok, I'm not fond of mermaids, but she's adorable as a human, heh.

When I finally got the dolls, I changed Midge's body right away. I don't have an articulated body that would match Midge's reddish skin tone, but I did have a TNT body with jointed knees. And even if I've had this spare body for a while, I just found out that the arms can move up and down on their own when I turn the upper body from side to side. That's pretty cool! (/It could be a Barbie and The Rockers Real Dancing Action body.)

Christie is so beautiful!! Her skin colour is amazing.

Midge seems like a sweetheart. You can see that I really have to change her body because her old one has discolouration. Even though I don't like the bent arms, I'd rather settle with this body than the previous body.

Newly washed girls. They clean up well.

I didn't boil wash their hair because I was lazy, but of course with hot water, their hair would look straighter.

As much as I like Christie's hair down, I decided to put it up in a ponytail to make her look neater, and I thought that Midge looks chic, so she needed a bun.

From the side. You could really tell that Christie would benefit so much from a boil wash. Next time, I guess...

I love Midge's hair in a bun. I don't remember where I read it, but I learned about putting a doll's hair up in a bun from a doll blog I found online. The writer styled their Silkstone Barbie with such a hairstyle, and it was really sweet looking. I wanted the same effect on Midge so I did it, too.

Like I said, I don't remember where I read it, so I couldn't go back to the blog and read up on the instructions again, but for some reason, I still remember a few of the steps, so I just winged it. On the blog though, they cut their doll's hair. I didn't want to do that to mine because it was rather pointless. Midge's hair is perfectly fine without a trim, I thought. I was determined to make the hair bun without cutting down the length of her hair.

Success! I actually used a hair elastic, and some dressmaking pins to keep the bun in place. It felt weird poking pins through my doll's head like a voodoo doll, but it paid off because look at that hair! It's in place! I even misted her hair with hair spray to tame it even further.

I wasn't prepared for dolls with TNT bodies, to be honest, because I don't have a lot of vintage Barbie clothing that would fit their large chest and slim waist. Nevertheless, I managed to dress them up in some outfits. Midge's outfit reminds me of Made to Move, heh, and Christie's, well, it's full of pink.

I've actually warmed up to Midge's and Christie's body, so I don't plan to rebody Midge again, or to replace Christie's original one anymore. Sure, I could probably tighten Midge's knees because they're built loose like that for some purpose I don't know, but this setup works for me at the moment, so I'm not so worried about this replacement body. And even if I don't really like Barbie arms facing down like Christie's, I can look past it because she is simply adorable.

I gave Christie white Takara boots, and its colour matches her earrings so I know I made the right choice. Meanwhile, I made Midge wear pink trainers because her feet are really big and that's one of the pairs I have in my collection that fit her.

On a different topic, I thrifted a Barbie Fashionista body with missing hands for P75. I fixed it by cutting off the hands of Anna's old body, and made tiny pegs out of the cuffs that remained, then I inserted the pegs through the hole of the Fashionista body's arms. I couldn't care less about the Barbie head it came with because it's blah, but I'm keeping it as bait. I mean who knows, I might need her hair or whatever. You see, I'm not really fond of throwing doll parts when I thrift broken dolls at times. Right now, Ariel is using the modified body that I have yet to photograph. Woops, did I mention before that I thrifted a ballerina Ariel doll for like P25 because she was missing an entire leg? Oh yikes, I didn't. Sorry.

I got her at the same time as this broken Rochelle Goyle and my S.I.S. Trichelle doll. I normally do not like Ariel in doll form, but this specific face by Mattel is nice. In the photo, her head was on a Barbie bellybutton body with its neck peg missing. To fix the problem, I glued a bead in the neck hole then wrapped the bead and the top of her neck with masking tape.

I took this photo by webcam for a friend, so excuse the shabbiness, hehe.

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