Thursday, July 28, 2016

Out and About

New toys and stuff.

Betty Spaghetty is back.

Num Noms yogurt cups are now available too.

But they're so expensive! I still want to have at least one Num.

I forgot what these are called but they're square shaped plushies, sort of like those plush Tsum Tsums, but square, and not Disney related.

Grossery Gang. I think it's like a cross between Shopkins, The Trash Pack, The Ugglys, and Garbage Pail Kids in the 80s.

"Terror Corpse." I thought they're official Walking Dead merchandise, but nope. Just cheap zombie figures, if you're getting the pack of 3, not this boxed solo figure.

The packs of 3's. There are more than 3 zombie characters, surprisingly.

Not at the toy store, but at Mac Cosmetics. They have Barbies as part of their promotional campaign.

Even their glass windows are adorned with Barbie decals.

This is the full photo of the neon lit board they have in-store. I like the teal dress. It's so glamourous.

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