Sunday, July 3, 2016

Receiving Zombie Alice

I got a notice from the postal office about a parcel. I felt confident that it's the Zombie Alice doll from Once Upon A Zombie, which I had been waiting for for so long.

This is the box I got.

I opened it and found a long piece of brown paper inside.

It's here!!! Alice is home!

I can't believe it. Thank you, OUAZ!

I had to pay P112.00 for the basic customs fee. I told the people there that she is a prize so I wasn't asked to pay more than that amount.

Her head looks so dainty!

I removed the white hair ties on her head because her hair got a bit messy when I unboxed her.

The back of the box. Notice there's a Zombie Peter Pan on it. I wonder when OUAZ will release its first ever zombie prince doll.

I tried my best to release the doll without ruining the whole box, because that box art is so pretty. I think I did well. The cardboard backing is still intact and the plastic is still attached to it.

Ready to haunt
Too dead to function and form a heart with their hands correctly

My zombie girls. Ghoulia's not ready to join them because I haven't dealt with the missing hands and arms issue yet.

I'll talk about the doll in more detail next time. I haven't even taken off her clothes yet to inspect her body. -_-


  1. Alice looks great, I'm surprised at how hard these dolls are to find. Rapunzel hands look massive, lol.

    1. Yeah I read that they're only available online through the OUAZ website. They probably couldn't manage a wider distribution just yet.

      Oh yes Rapunzel's hands are modded. Those are action figure hands I bought at a local toy convention.