Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Out of Town Photo Shoot

Here are more photos from my trip. They're taken at the cottage I stayed in. Like I said, I had beach photos, but my phone died. Sad.

There were interesting stones stacked at a corner of our porch, and I thought it would look good if the dolls interacted with it.

Trichelle looking straight ahead.

Her hair reminds me of Ariana Grande, heh.

Midge just wanted to lay down. She likes the drama.

See what I mean?

She loves her wavy hair, too.

Midge and Trichelle posing together.

I like this one.

Anna and Rapunzel.

They're a playful lot.

Creanna waiting for the weather to get better.

I think she is so sexy. Her body type is really nice.

I wish I zoomed in a little more in other photos. The lack of zooms is because I don't own the phone I used. I was just borrowing it, so I was a little conscious.

Asha enjoying the nature.

Walking on cobblestones is pretty difficult without the right footwear.

Lottie enjoying the view.

Lottie exploring.

Lottie found herself on top of a rock and it's too high. The girls looking out for her wanted her to get down from there.

Anna went for it, and the other girls couldn't take the suspense.

Group shot. It's a bit dark.

Going home! Lottie got a new surfboard and a guitar.

She also received a toy boat from me!

I wish I could do this again; bring dolls to another trip. I'll think about it.


  1. Wow, you really did took them with you. I've always wanted to do something like this. Luv group pictures! So Asha here looks like the younger version, and Creanna is so sexy indeed. How does her skin/body feels like?

    1. Her arms can only move up and down. Her legs are click knees but I can't put them apart very well. She's pretty stiff for a doll, but it's her curves that made me buy her in the first place. Her boobs are quite tough and rubbery, haha. Her skin is all right to touch. Firm in some places. It's not slippery.