Thursday, July 28, 2016

Barbie Spring 2016 Catalog

I requested a catalog from Mattel and it was sent to my stepmom. A couple of weeks ago, I received it.

Nice cover.

This is a Silkstone doll with a little black dress and boots. The doll is articulated.

This other Silkstone doll is pet-themed. Pink and poodle, yeah.

This Water sprite doll. Beautiful, but not for me because this is just too delicate for my taste. I like my playline dolls, thank you.

Claudette Gordon Barbie. I like her style.

Birthday or It's A Girl Barbie, whichever. And some ballet dolls.

A reproduction of the old gang as a fan club exclusive. I would like to have an Allan doll (far left).

Mutya Barbie using the old Kira face sculpt.

City Shine doll with the short hair. So chic!

And a Superstar Barbie doll in a modern body, I suppose. Her colour scheme is gold and white.


  1. Good reference, but the price tag, oh my. Did they send these catalogue free?

    1. Yes it's free from the Mattel website. I requested for a copy and had it sent to my stepmom in New York, so when my brother came to visit us here, he brought the catalog with him.