Sunday, July 24, 2016

Beanie, Balloon Dresses, and Bait Doll No more

So I tried the Toy Story 3 beanie I thrifted on Maddie, and it is snug on her. I guess I spoke too soon when I said it might fit a La Dee Da or Pinkie Cooper.

I borrowed Kitty's stand for Maddie, then I realised that I want to photograph two of my Monster High dolls as well. I haven't talked about their outfits at all. They're actually made of balloons! I got the idea from here:

I really like the orange pants on simplekidscrafts' Maddie because the silhouette is nice.

I saw the video two months ago, so a few days after, I got some balloon supplies and tried it myself.

The heart shaped balloon I got is too small, so I just made some sort of leotard for Clawdeen. The green sleeves and bracelet are just a leftover balloon material that I didn't want to put to waste. 

Her hands are from an online seller, and I think her forearms are donated forearms from my other Clawdeens.

So yeah, Maddie wore this beanie. Funny how her hand is looking like it's doing a Vulcan salute.

I made a dress for Cupid with a sweetheart cut. It's not a clean cut because balloon material is pretty challenging to deal with. The strap around her shoulder and her hairband are also leftover that I didn't want to discard.

Cupid is actually using one of Draculaura's arms and an Ever After High hand. She now has two right hands, hahaha.

A closer look on Clawdeen's outfit.

A closer look on Cupid's outfit. I still plan to make a better outfit for Cupid, possibly a custom Queen of Hearts dress that I've been longing to make but could not find the time and motivation to do. These balloon outfits are quite delicate and tender now because it's been more than a month since they have been stretched on the doll bodies, so I don't want to remove them yet and end up ripping them apart in the process.

Meanwhile, the hair of this Barbie head I recently acquired and was keeping for bait has been washed and dried, and her curls came to life, and I thought, wow she's something, isn't she. So I decided to keep her. I put her body on a Fashionistas body that my rebodied Hawaii Midge came with at the thrift store .(She originally has a belly button body, but I guess her previous owner didn't want that body for her either.) I also thought she could use a hair restyle so I did her hair that way, and it somehow reminded me of Darling Charming from Ever After High. Then I thought I could style her like a princess with armour, so this is what I came up with.

It just so happens that I got a sword from a lot of doll toys I thrifted before, and John Smith's helmet, his morion rather because that's the correct term and I just found out, in another lot of Pocahontas related toys. I didn't think they'd be useful someday, haha. Then the dress is from an old Barbie fashion pack, and the shoes are from a pack of shoes I bought from a seller near Vivo Citi. Her belt, positioned backwards so that the cherry decor is hidden, is from my reissued Candy Glam Summer doll.

I don't know what kind of face sculpt she has, but it has grown on me specially with that makeup on. Mackie???

Her half bun is secured with a hair tie and a dressmaking pin.

Her curls came to life, and that saved her from becoming bait.

From the side. I actually have John Smith's sword as well, but that's too big. This one will do.

So you're still thinking of keeping me as bait?

I will cut you.

I really hope my streak of posting photos of dolls as I play them (dress them up, style them, give them new clothes, fix their broken parts, etc.) would continue because I know should do this more often than getting more dolls. In fact, I have an incoming Kira doll. I hope she's the last Barbie I get EVER. Easier said than done. :-/

On a side note, some of my dolls have been transported to my new place. It's still a mess up there.

My childhood yaya posed for this photo, and I hid her face because... privacy. Hehe.

My online friend told me that they keep their dolls nude and bagged in clear ice bags. I do that too, but these are those dolls that don't need any more work so they were transported first. I still have with me a bunch of broken dolls at home, together with those Barbie dolls I use for modelling, and those that I have yet to photograph like Zombie Alice.

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