Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Unboxing Princess Malucia

I've been transporting dolls to my new place and I am not yet done. There are still a lot of dolls to fix, clothe and style. I know it looks messy up there right now, but I'll think of a better way to display all of them when the whole gang is already there.

Anyway, if you notice, Princess Malucia (holding up a scepter in the photo) is already out of the box. That's because I unboxed her there.

So here's Malucia still in her box. I've hung on to this box for so long, and thought it was about time I open her box.

The back of the box. You can see Malucia's true form in Barbie and The Secret Door movie, but for some reason, they designed her doll to look sweeter and less mean looking. I don't mind. I think she's really adorable this way, but maybe if Malucia also had a movie accurate doll, it would be fun.

Malucia's character in the movie is pretty cool, too. I didn't really enjoy the whole movie that much, but I was really looking forward to her scenes because her character is what I find the most interesting.

Sides of the box.

Box art. Her art form looks cunning, doesn't it?

Then compared to her doll form, Malucia as a doll looks so innocent.

Oh god, it took me a while, but I finally unboxed her. !!!!!!

She's finally out. I couldn't get to balance her on her own. Sad.

Her dress. It's so magical girl anime. The fabric of her skirt is really pretty.

Her shoe sculpt looks pretty ornate, but the lack of colours dulls the effect of the shoes on me.

Her face. She really does remind me of Ever After High dolls.

Her crown. Again, another pink thing with no definition of the sculpt because of the lack of paint.

Her scepter would look cool too if it has paint in different colours other than pink.

Here are Malucia and Maddie, who I thought would look cute as sisters.

Malucia: Oh big sis, don't worry that you can't bend your left leg. I can't bend my legs either. Look!

Maddie: Thanks, Mal. But I have two right feet, too. You don't.

Malucia: If only I could fix that, you know I would. My scepter can only suck powers from other people. :-/

I decided to put Malucia and Kitty together for a photo, too, because they're pigtail buddies.

Kitty: Don't drain my power, OK.

Malucia: I'm a changed girl. I don't use my scepter anymore. I just hang on to it because it's pretty, that's all.

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