Sunday, July 31, 2016

Eloise and Kira

I found her at a Japanese thrift store, but I didn't get her right away when I saw her. She was in a school uniform, worn backwards, and is barefoot. I checked her dress and saw a tag.

It's an Eloise doll from Madame Alexander!

Eloise is actually a book character from American author Kay Thompson. I don't know what Eloise's story is about but judging by the way Eloise looks, I think she's a very fun and inquisitive child.

Her uniform is cute. The straps criss-cross at the back. She needs white socks and maryjanes to complete her school girl look.

I actually put her next to Lottie at one point. They could be playmates because Eloise is short like her. Eloise's huge head is kinda distracting though. :-/

Standing next to Eloise is my latest (and hopefully my last) Barbie haul, Kira, which is actually a Barbie Animal Lovin' Nikki doll. I will keep calling her Kira because it's cute. I struggled with her hair because I couldn't keep it down but I guess it's fine looking like that. Kinda wavy and volumised, and it's super soft. Also I changed her body from a TNT body to a bellybutton body. This is the only photo I have of Kira at the moment, but I'm sure she'll be fun to photograph someday.

I like Kira's face here. She has minimal makeup which I can deal with. I mean, she has pink and purple eyeshadow but it looks very faint on her eyes. Plus her lips are not that bright. And for some reason, I thought green would look good on her, so I used green hair ties for her front pony tails and a green top. Her original colour scheme was purple though.

Hope I can photograph all my Barbies in one place next time. That would be cool.


  1. This is an interesting find,how does her body feels like?

    1. It's hard vinyl, like a baby doll body. I can't bend her knees or elbows at all because they're so firm.