Sunday, July 31, 2016

Zombie Alice Outside

I took Zombie Alice outside! 

Obligatory princessy pose.

Zombie Alice: I'm not really a princess, Jamie, but OK I'll take it.

I've watched a video of a guy walking high up on a building without fear, and it bugged me. Anyway these photos of Zombie Alice not letting go from the metal beam reminds me of that.

Zombies get scared, too.

Zombie Alice: Are you crazy? I don't want to die twice!

Zombie Alice founds ants crawling on a dying tree.

These ants fascinated her.

Zombie Alice: Will ants eat me when I really die? Wait, can they possibly eat me NOW?

Zombie Alice standing on a tree that has long been chopped down but still continues to grow.

Zombie Alice: So this tree is a zombie, too?

Zombie Alice thinking of escaping. Ooooooh you don't know what's out there, Alice.

Zombie Alice: I think I do. It's a big tree.

Zombie Alice: I mean, it's huge!!

Zombie Alice: I'm correct, right?

Not really, but good try.

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