Sunday, July 31, 2016

Toy Shelf Update

I have transported a few more dolls to my new place. The shelf is a work in progress and the positioning of the dolls is temporary as I have yet to transport ALL my dolls.

I took a photo of each part of the shelf.

Back row: Gigi, Frankie, Operetta, Spectra, Frankie, Sindy

Middle row: Cure Splash, Ladybug, Una, Ari, Cat Burglar

Front row: Dakota, Harry, Anastasia, Cure Black, Pinkie

Back row: Hunter, Creanna, "Cassie", Jasmine

Middle row: Mary-Kate, Skooter, Anna, Sloane

Front row: "Bee", Dee, Dawn, Madeline

Back row: Kitty, Honey, Hit Girl, Malucia

Front row: Clawdeen, Avery, Raven, Zombie Rapunzel

Back row: Tylie, Little Red Riding Hood, Tin Man, Baseball Girl, Takara CD-8

Front row: Cattleena, Battie, Jumping Rope Girl

And here's my updated Daruma doll collection. I now have 12 dolls! I think I'm good with this number.

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