Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I'm Back

I'm back home safe, so are my dolls. Unfortunately my phone got wet at the beach so it short-circuited. I took beach photos using that phone and I couldn't retake them with a different phone or camera, because the beach was 45 minutes away from where I stayed and it was expensive and inconvenient for me to go back on another day during the trip.

Anyway, here are some I took during the drive to the cottage. It was a six-hour drive so bringing out some of my dolls entertained me and my sister even for a little while.

Rapunzel was really bored so she looked outside the window even though there was nothing much to see at the time.

Anna was hungry so she asked the driver if we could stop by a drive-thru.

We went to Jollibee, lol.

Midge used Snapchat to take this photo of her with the panda filter.

Lottie arrived safely to our cottage. She was wearing a jersey jacket, a yellow skirt, white tights which is from her stock outfit, brown maryjanes, and her luggage bag. It was such a long haul but I'm glad we took this photo before we stowed our things in our room.

Asha taking the time to pose for a selfie in front of the sign. We were finally in El Nido, Palawan!

The weather wasn't good and it kept raining, so our tours got cancelled. My girls were all waiting to go outside and play at the beach, but no.

Asha was freaking out, naturally.

Meanwhile, Lottie got amazed when she realised that there was a mountain near where we were staying. It was huge. Well, everything is huge from her point view, isn't it?

We had free breakfast at our accommodation. I chose a piece of dried fish, egg, a cup of rice, a banana and a cup of coffee. Lottie came along and surprisingly fits in the napkin holder that looks like a chair.

Creanna really wanted to go outside and enjoy the day at the beach, but no. Sorry, dear, not yet.

This was taken at Las Cabanas beach by my brother. I'm both happy and sad that these are the only photos of my doll at the beach. Happy, because I also took photos of Lottie walking on the sand, but I'm not sure if it's recoverable.

Here's another shot by my brother, overlooking the beach. Lottie is such an explorer, it's pretty cool. She's very handy to place on top of anywhere. My sister is in the background, and she was ~pretending to take candid shots at the beach, for Instagram's sake, of course, ha.

Because Lottie is so convenient to bring, I took more pictures of her than the rest of the gang, which is fine. But before the trip, I was really thinking that it would be Asha or the Rapunzel-Anna tandem who'd be taking more photos because of their poseability, but nope.

There will be more photos to come. I just haven't saved them all to my computer, and I still have some photos left in my sister's phone, waiting to be uploaded.

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