Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Few More Photos During My Trip, and Other Notes

I happened to save more photos of dolls taken during my out of town trip because they were posted on a private Facebook group.

A bootleg My Size Barbie doll looking out the window. My stepmom actually named this doll "Lulu", hahaha. Anyway, because of the doll photos posted in our group chat, my stepsister said that Lulu is feeling a bit emo from staying home and missing all the fun my dolls are having.

I also asked my stepsister where Elsa (from Frozen) is, because my brother gave her daughter a Hasbro Elsa doll recently. My stepsister sent this photo then. It seems that my niece's Elsa collection is growing. I actually gave that plush doll to her, and I don't know about the bootleg one. My stepsister then said that Elsa got wet and multiplied, lol. Like Gremlins.

Here's another shot of Lottie, but this time she was standing next to the map of El Nido, Palawan. I took this shot in a hurry so the "El Nido" label of the map got cut off.

I actually sent my Lottie photos to Arklu and heard back from them. Sweet! I'll talk about that next time.

On a different note, the online seller I'm currently dealing with sent me this photo of the dolls I bought from them. I'm pretty excited to receive it today (I hope).

Aaaaaaand I just retrieved my dead phone from the repair shop and they said they can't do anything about it anymore. Sigh. Goodbye, other beach photos; you will all be sorely missed.

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