Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hello, Muff!

I read Hey, It's Muff and she's one of the reasons I got started into blogging, and it's really nice that she's responsive to comments.

Anyway, she recently acquired a used Happy Family Grandma's Kitchen. The grandma here is Midge's, I think. Well, I noticed the Barbie doll she used to demo the kitchen is quite tall for the set. The ceiling, if there should be one, is not high enough for the doll. Then Muff said that it's because the grandma doll is much shorter. To me it's kinda weird that Mattel produced a set that cannot accommodate a regular sized Barbie because Barbie is their main product right there. Besides on the box of the set, you could see Midge and her husband Alan sitting by the table, which means using regular sized Barbie for the kitchen set is intended. I mean, in real life, a visitor is the one that adapts to the home they visit, not the other way around, but the point of the kitchen set is for Midge's family to come over and hang out while grandma does her thing in the kitchen. So for Midge and Alan being too tall for the set is just strange.

For ~science, Muff posted a new video of her cleaning the stickers of off the set, and surprisingly, she compared the height of the grandma doll and the regular sized Barbie doll at the end. She also mentioned my Blogger name, Oly, heh. My real name is Jamie, but I use Oly for Blogger to protect my privacy somehow. Don't ask me how I think it works, lol. I'm glad that she remembered me. :D

Now I see that the set is too short of both of them, haha. Imagine the grandma trying to jump in the kitchen and hitting her head in the process.

Thanks, Muff!

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