Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Jianidi Doll on Sale

So I went to the toy section at my local SM department store and saw this display of Jianidi dolls: Girl Feelings... dun dun dun... with the orange tag.

Man, why would you do this to me, SM??? You know I've been looking at these dolls for so long but resisted, and now you put it on sale...

Jianidi's articulation is pretty sweet. They even have ankle joints. And their dress is pretty. I particularly like... hmm, I actually never thought about that. Perhaps the yellow or orange skirt, but I do not mind getting the other two...

What am I saying?? I already vowed to stay off of buying dolls these days, particularly Barbie. And I think I'm done buying Monster High dolls, too. Not because I hate them now; it's just that I have to focus on fixing them, styling them, photographing them, and displaying them. I don't have to get more because I have lot of work cut out for me.

But yeah, if you're looking for a very pale Barbie-like doll with sweet articulation, this is it!

Meanwhile, I found new dolls at the toy aisle.

These Barbie clone dolls are called Glamorous Sariel. Their face sculpt really looks good. If you inspect their legs in this type of box, you could see that they have decent legs, not chopsticks-thin at all.

I like the purple dress on the doll on the left. Not sure if they have decent legs as well because I couldn't see past their skirt.

Had to crop this because I just realised that my face is shown on the packaging, LOL!!

This doll has very thin limbs, so the quality of the doll does vary, I guess. Anyway, I recognise the design of that dress. I have one and it's from Barbie Endless Curls.

Here is a comparison I made.

The copy is so bad, it hurts.

I end this post with these odd-looking pens...


  1. The Girl Feelings dolls look nice!

    1. Yeah it's a really nice doll! If I didn't tell myself I'd stop buying dolls for a while, I would have bought one on sale.