Monday, August 8, 2016

Who Made You, Sindy?

I found doll items for a doll named Sindy tonight. Really cute pink doll items. But this Sindy doll is not the Trendy Girl Sindy I know. It's a different one. I couldn't find any information about this particular doll because Google Image Search is littered with photos of Sindy made by Pedigree. However, I found an inactive ad on a local classifed ads site.

Sindy on OLX

Hope the ad owner does not mind me posting their doll photos. I'm just using them for reference, not for re-selling their doll... Still, I haven't found out who manufactured this doll at all.

Entitled "I Love Pink" set on the ad. Not sure if that's official.

I'm actually getting the shirt, pants, shoes, bag and jacket from an online seller. Weeee! I think the jacket might fit Takara/Monster High/Liv dolls, but the other clothes might only fit Monster High. I'll see when it gets here on Saturday.

Unknown Sindy's face. It's pretty sweet.

She can bend her knees.

She can sit down.

Here are doll pics sent to me by the seller I transacted with.

Sindy's body is rubberised, which reminds me of the Barbie Dance 'N Flex doll, and some Takara dolls like the Compact Doll and even Pierre because of his bendable legs. Probably Phicen doll, too, but that doll looks more life-like.

And did you notice that Sindy has a hole on her crotch? LOL.

Sindy up close. There's a crease on her stomach. I wonder how sturdy the rubber is, and if that crease goes away when the body is straightened.

Look at that cute baby bum! Adorable!!! I wonder how soft her body is. I want to squish that doll butt now, hahahaha!

I heard the news before that her playsets are sold at Uniwide, but I don't know any branch near my house. Meh...

/So I learned that this is a New Moon Sindy doll.
She is a 2003/2004 reincarnation of the original Sindy doll by Pedigree!
Not all New Moon Sindy dolls are made equal with flexible bodies. Others actually have straight vinyl bodies. Interesting. I like my Trendy Girl Sindy better, of course, but I do not mind having this cute flexible one.

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