Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Moon Sindy Doll Clothes

My order of New Moon Sindy doll items arrived today. Ariel is modelling them for me:

Sindy's pink felt coat with fake fur and small buttons, a pink fatigue shirt that looks like a crop top on Ariel, and pink cargo pants!

The clothes fit her very well!

She also has a pink body bag with small pockets!

So pink and hip!

And there's also a cardboard cutout that looks like a magazine.

Sindy's white shoes are too small for Ariel's Liv feet, but Barbies can wear them. The fake fur on the bedroom slippers fell off,but I thought the slippers still look good without them. I haven't found a doll yet that could wear them. They're quite big but narrow. Hmm...

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