Thursday, August 11, 2016

All My Barbies... Not Really

Here are photos of all my Barbie dolls. I forgot to add Fountain Mermaid Christie here, so I should have 13.

From left to right:
Nikki with flat feet
Kira - Animal Lovin' Nikki, rebodied
Hannah Montana - OK she's not a Barbie but I bought her with a Barbie body so she is now a Barbie to me
Summer - rebodied. I don't like her face. She's bait.
Barbie - Rebodied
Nikki - Film Director

Asha - Made To Move
Nikki - Swappin Styles
Midge - Hawaii, rebodied
Midge - California Dream, rebodied
Summer - Candy Glam reissue, rebodied
Trichelle - So In Style Pet Fun

I'll retake a photo with Christie in it, and I have not included my custom Hit Girl doll with a Barbie body, hehe. So I have 14 Barbies now, eh? Wait, I also have another Barbie head as a bait. So 15 then?

Even though I said Kira would be the last Barbie I bought, I still yearn for some Barbie dolls, like a Lea sculpt that I like, or a Tori sculpt from Generation Girl. I like Tori. She has the lips of someone who underwent a Korean smile lift surgery.

I also find the Lara sculpt pretty at times, but I'm not as compelled to get a doll with a Lara sculpt than I am with Tori.

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