Saturday, August 6, 2016

Elsa is Here

I finally got my order!

I got two Liv dolls, and a Mattel Frozen Elsa doll. One of the Liv dolls is discoloured, but I do not mind.

Elsa up close. I like the Frozen dolls from Mattel. The ones from the Disney Store are nice, too, but Mattel dolls are more accessible to me online.

Here is my gang of Disney dolls using Liv doll bodies.

Rapunzel got the discoloured Liv body, then Elsa got Rapunzel's old body. I didn't do anything to Anna, then I rebodied Ariel from a Barbie bellybutton body to my newest Liv body.

Note that Elsa has black scratches on her chest. Those scratches were already there when I bought it at the thrift store. I wonder what happened.

Oh how I wish I have a Nakoma doll, and that I have a spare Liv body for her. 


  1. Poor Elsa! :( Did you try removing the black with anything? I find tea tree oil removes lots of things.

    1. I think the former owner put the Liv body face down and scratched it on a rough surface, because the scratch feels flat. Or maybe it was sand paper, idl. I haven't tried anything to remove the colour given that the clothes can hide it. But I'll try to figure something out, thanks to your comment!

  2. I accidentally posted the same thing twice...sorry!