Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pretty In Pink

My Mattel Disney-Liv dolls have been dressed up in pink Barbie dresses.

Ariel's dress - This came from a Barbie doll my stepmom found in the house when she was decluttering. It seems that the straps of the dress are broken and removed.

Rapunzel's dress - I thrifted this dress. It's originally from Barbie Endless Curls.

Anna's dress - A dress I bought from an online seller. The straps are broken and removed as well.
/It's a Barbie Color & Wash Salon dress.

Elsa's dress - I thrifted this dress. I'm not so happy about those silver straps because they are fading and are quite tricky to fix during dressing up, but they look good on the doll.
/It's a Barbie Loves Glitter dress.

I was watching CSI on my laptop, which is on the background. Also behind them is a small photo album where I keep my Barbie doll clothes organised.


  1. Wow, a photo album for securing the doll clothes? Can you share how you do it? I need to revamp my organization thingies around the dolly town so bad!

    1. HI Shasha, I learned this tip from My Froggy Stuff: