Saturday, August 13, 2016

Doll Pool Floats

I follow Doll Junkie on Instagram and got curious about the doll pool floats she uses for her dolls.

It turns out that those doll pool floats are actually inflatable drink holders!

So clever and cute!


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    1. Now I'm on the lookout for cute floats like this haha!

  2. Hey Jamie! I just discovered your blog about a week ago and have been binge reading. I *love* finding thrifted dolls/toys and restoring them, making them into something new and I actually love researching what doll they are lol. I have been reading how long you guys have to wait for dolls there and the prices are pretty high. Do you have a PO Box or something where readers can send you stuff? There was an enormous Target clearance here and I grabbed up some stuff for next to nothing. I'd love to send you a surprise as a thanks for making a really great blog that you update regularly 😊

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Just reposting my comment because I already removed my email address:

      Oh thank you for your comment! I don't have a PO Box, just my home address here in Manila. We can talk further via email, my email is [REMOVED], but I'm afraid the shipping cost could set you back. I feel a bit awkward that you would send me stuff. No reader has done it for me before. I really don't know how to handle the feeling. I'm happy that you enjoy my blog, but it's so awkward! LOL. But yes it takes a while for new toys to get here, and it's twice the price, or more. The distributor of Barbie here doesn't even import the African American dolls, it's really sad. It's a cultural thing I guess that's why the lighter skinned dolls are available here, but it's 2016 already it shouldn't be the case.