Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thinking Of Nakoma

I'm obsessing about Nakoma right now.

My screen shot of Nakoma from Google Image Search

Nakoma is the friend of Pocahontas in the Disney movie, and she had a doll or dolls out in the 1990s.

I actually have that coral coloured vase on the photo, hehe.

Oh you can see my dock on those two shots, haha. I didn't even notice that it was included.

Just look at her bright face adorned with that happy smile! But I read on a YouTube comment somewhere that Nakoma should have been designed with a closed lip sculpt because Native Americans think that baring your teeth when you smile is a threat as it resembles animals baring their teeth when they attack, or something like that. I still have to verify this, but if it's true, then Pocahontas was definitely made the right way. I still like Nakoma just the same though.

Look at Nakoma there with a Liv body! It suits her very well. I think she would be a good addition to my Liv-Disney gang, if I ever get one. So far, the only members of the group is Rapunzel and Anna, but Elsa will be coming in shortly. And I'm still thinking about adding Ariel since I already have a head for this purpose, but not enough Liv bodies. I mean, what if I did find a Nakoma head, right? I think I know where I can get her online, but I'm holding it off, buying her I mean, because for the nth time, I'm working on a lot of dolly things. So for now, this post shall be my shrine for Nakoma, to tide me over for I don't know how long... until I get that Nakoma head.

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