Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How I Organise My Doll Clothes

Shasha left me a comment on my Pretty In Pink blog entry, asking me how I organise my doll clothes using a photo album because I briefly mentioned it on the post. So here it is, this is a post about how I organise my doll clothes at the moment.

First, I learned this tip from My Froggy Stuff. I recommend you watch this first so you can be inspired to tidy up and organise your doll clothes.

I used to store my doll clothes in a tin lunchbox. Then I moved them all to a plastic shoe box, but my doll clothes collection keeps growing so I have to move them elsewhere. So here's where all my doll clothes are: in a box.

OK, so this is actually the box I got when I received Zombie Alice. I didn't throw it away.

Inside are these items:

A small Pokemon photo album. Haha. Pokemon Go is so popular nowadays, right? I thought this is fitting.

I keep all my Takara, Daiso and other small doll clothes here. I know my collection isn't that big yet, but it will be when I start making more clothes and stuff. I keep the album close with two rubber bands.

As long as I store this album upright, my doll clothes won't fall out.

Here's another Pokemon photo album. Haha. I actually bought both for P30 each because they are on sale at the kids' section of my local department store.

I keep my Barbie clothes here. I don't have much, because I only have a few Barbies. Like, 13 Barbies, that's all.

I like this idea of keeping doll clothes in a photo album because I can see each item when I flip the pages.

The small photo albums actually came with plastic covers. I also used them to store other items like hats, Paddington Bear jackets, and even Monster High clothes because I don't even have a lot of those. I also store underwear, socks and other small items in a clear pouch that I can slip in there, too.

I keep both covers intact with rubber band.

A few stray clothes, haha. A Blue Magic shirt that is too big for my Justin Bieber doll but he can manage, then Lottie's stock ballet outfit, a Daiso maid outfit, and a Barbie skirt that needs to be washed and darned.

This one is a clear book I also bought at the kids' section. I got this plus a sheet of Barbie stickers and a sheet of Looney Tunes Stickers, all for P50.

I store all my Barbie dresses and other baggy items here.

I can store two or three items in one page, to save space.

This is a backup photo album. There's nothing in there yet but I'm keeping this for future doll clothes sorting. Also I found an extra clear book among my things, so I'll keep it for this purpose as well.

For doll shoes, that's a different story. I keep them all in the tin lunchbox I was referring to earlier, but it's such a mess, and it takes times for me to find a pair because I have to rummage through everything. I'll think of a better way to store them.

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