Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bootleg Monster High doll - Fashion Girl

Yesterday I bought a bootleg Monster High doll called Fashion Girl:

I bought it at a toy store in Farmers Plaza, Cubao, for P150.

There was a bootleg of Clawdeen as well but I didn't get her because I have a lot of real Clawdeen dolls now, then there's also a green bootleg that resembles Frankie, but she's too green that her skin tone resembles Honey Swamp.

I picked her because she's also a bootleg of Frankie, but her face mould is Ghoulia's/Cupid's or Cleo's. And her skin tone is white, it reminds me of Skelita. I plan to customise her face like a skeleton.

Up close, you can see the colour of the vinyl looking off-white but it doesn't bother me.

The back of the box. Looks like a Scaris background, I'm not sure.

The sides of the box.

When you pull out the cardboard insert, then this side of the box with the ties is visible. It's very easy to unbox the doll if it's secured this way.

The doll out of the box.

She's free, at last!

Her neck knob looks weird, and that angular part of the knob sticks out of her neck when the head is on, but if I push the head down, there's nothing to anchor the head anymore down there so the head wobbles. Plus the doll just looks like a no-neck monster.

Her dress is quite short but still manageable. I just didn't like that one of her ribbon straps snagged from excess plastic on her body when I undressed her, so it's frayed a bit.

Her face. Her makeup is fine, I guess, except for that right eyebrow which is fading. She has better screening than the ones I didn't pick at the store.

I haven't dared to remove her hair tie, but of course I already expect a large bald spot when I do remove it. I'll keep the hair as it is.

Her shoes are small for her, but maybe with hot water, it can finally fit her. I don't have time for doing that and I think I'll just use the shoes for a different doll.

Her body is hard and a bit light weight. Apparently she doesn't have wrist joints, and it was too late when I found so I accidentally broke the doll's hands off while inspecting her, I fixed it afterwards with a lit candle, wire, and masking tape.

Oh, by the way, not in photo but I also found a broken bootleg Frozen Anna doll at a thrift store. I was a bit surprised that she is articulated. I believe her body is a bootleg of a Barbie Fashionistas doll with the chest joint. Her knees are old knee joints so the legs can only fold and not rotate. I bought her for P40.

She was missing her left arm and hand, but I was thinking of using her as a donor for my bootleg Snow White doll which only has click knees and no chest joint, so I didn't mind that she is broken.

I didn't take a photo but it turns out that I could just pop off the arm of Anna, and the arms of Snow White! Whew, the body transplant became easier because of it. I was actually already thinking of using hot water to somehow switch the arms from their shoulder joints yada yada. Thank goodness, it's not necessary at all.

I haven't been inspired to do crafting or sewing for my dolls as of late. I could go a day or two without touching a doll nowadays, which is kinda sad. Maybe it's because I'm just waiting for my new sewing machine to arrive. More details about that when it's here.

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