Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ready For Transport

I've been decluttering lately and figured that I should already set aside the dolls that don't need my immediate attention or look somewhat complete to me. They will be transported to my new place soon.

Disney Store Pocahontas and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Both Pocahontas and Aurora were from the thrift store. I bought them nude and their hair was frizzy so I had to boil wash and even trim their hair a little. I got Pocahontas' dress from an online seller, and Aurora's dress from the thrift store recently. I love the length of Aurora's dress. And I'm glad it cleaned up well because when I bought it, the white collar was brownish.

My unarticulated Jasmine would be glad to be reunited with them.

As much as it's fun to dress up my Liccas, I'm quite satisfied with them wearing matching maid outfits.

Bratzillaz' Meygana Broomstix. I really like her side glance. I don't have any ideas yet of what I could add to her look. Until then, she's getting stored and later on displayed.

Jem from Jem and The Holograms. I finally trimmed off her skirt, but I got lazy to hem the skirt so I just taped it down, lol. I also do not want to paint her shoes magenta anymore. She's a big girl, so she's going to stay behind the smaller dolls and her shoes will be hidden from view anyway when I get around to organising my doll shelf.

I'm thinking about Zombie Alice if she should stick around until Halloween because... Halloween. I mean, who would be the one to eat brains during this day when she's not around, right?

My three male dolls. Gaah look at Justin Bieber's crazy looking eyes due to the glare.

Pierre is wearing the outfit he was wearing when I bought him from an online seller. I still haven't made him a nice dark coat to go along with his outfit, but I'm not in a hurry, you know.

I don't have a lot of Ken stuff, so Justin and Fred ended up with baggy shirts and loose shorts/pants which I tightened by tying the loose waistband with rubber band.

So remember my two Liccas earlier? I made them wear uniforms. Too cute.

This bright blue outfit is made of fabric and felt cloth! That's why the jacket looks stiff.

Lastly I decided to dress up a rescued Barbie Fashionistas doll and made her wear a 2011 Holiday Barbie dress meant for a Model Muse Barbie. I'm glad it fits her. I have a problem with that shoulder strap though because it's quite difficult to put it on her shoulder so it ends up hanging on her arm, but that's OK. I had to use a saddle stand for her because if I use a generic Barbie stand, then the stand gets caught up in the skirt and I couldn't display the skirt properly. Underneath, Barbie's feet are somewhat floating. I already made her wear Barbie clone heels but she's still floating a bit. Could it be that Model Muse dolls are much taller than regular Barbies? I have no idea because I've never seen a Model Muse upfront together with a Barbie to be able to make a comparison.

Barbie's earrings are her stock earrings, and her necklace is just a ball-and-chain key chain I wound around her neck twice.

I still have other dolls I've put aside that I haven't photographed yet such as Jenny, Mimi, Twilight Sparkle, Chiffon, and Simba Cinderella. Soon. The dolls above are not going anywhere just yet anyway. They're just stored in two reusable bags, ready for transport right now.

What I have left in my toy box now are the rest of my Barbies, my Liv doll hybrids, some bootleg dolls, and my broken Monster High and Ever After High dolls. I consider my Barbies and Liv doll hybrids as models so they do not have permanent clothing, while my Monster High and Ever After High dolls need work on their replacement arms and new handmade clothing before I set them aside. I still have a lot of work to do! After I'm halfway done, then I can finally move on to making a backdrop for photography, and even simple dioramas to make my doll photos more interesting. So many plans, hey.


  1. A new place for dolls?! he he he....i store mine in plastic boxes, display cabinet still a dream for me. At least it seems your place is not exposed to dust. That Bratzilla doll is really nice.

    1. Ah yes, hope I can move in to my new place next year. In the mean time, I'm just filling in my new place with stuff I can bring over there, and that includes some of my dolls I don't need to work on right now.

      Meygana (Bratzillaz) really is beautiful. She reminds me of Jessica Rabbit, haha.

  2. I have 2 Meyganas, and their hair is horrible. The hair on your doll looks nice!

    1. Thank you! Did you get the articulated ones? I read on Toy Box Philosopher that her Meygana also had bad hair. It's the curly or wavy hair style of the articulated ones that's making it worse, I guess. This budget doll has straight hair and I lucked out that the hair is in good condition, but I'm thinking if it fell on the hands of a very playful child, the hair would not survive.