Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ghoulia's Scooter and Jasmine's Makeover

Yesterday I found Ghoulia Yelp's scooter at the thrift store!

Here is Spectra modelling Ghoulia's scooter. I actually have a Ghoulia doll but she's naked and has missing arms so Spectra is in her place for this photo.

The only thing missing from the scooter is the stand, but I just cut up an old credit card into four pieces and to size, taped all pieces with masking tape, then inserted it to the stand slot. It kind of works.

There's a void at the back of the scooter shaped into a coffin. I bet that's Ghoulia's coffin backpack. But I think it's not really part of the scooter, so it's fine.

I placed my other toy scooter beside Ghoulia's scooter. Isn't it tiny?? Collecting scooters might be fun. I wonder....

Anyway, I also found a Disney Jasmine doll, but her body is not fully articulated, not even her elbows and wrists, but I'll make do with it.

I didn't take a before photo because her hair was in a fried mess, I just didn't feel like taking her photo at the time. So here she is. She had a hair trim and it was restyled.

Look at her huge bald spot. She even has some missing plugs in other places, but this part is massive. When I saw her at the thrift store with the bald spot, I immediately thought of side shaves. Her face can definitely handle a side shave hair style. It just works for her, I don't know why.

I made her earrings using a blue wire. I shaped the wire using a pencil.

Her hair is so frizzy. Boil wash didn't help her hair situation at all. So I trimmed an inch of her hair, then tied it all in a side ponytail. Then I braided the rest of hair into small braids. Look at those bushy ends, ugh!

I really wanted to make her wear street fashion and not princess stuff, so I dressed her up like so.

Cropped jacket: Paddington Bear
Shirt: Barbie from Candy Glam Summer reissue. I might replace this with a handmade red tube top (still to be made, of course. LOL) because it gets hidden under the jacket anyway.
Pants: Barbie, I guess.
Shoes: clone Barbie boots

I think she's missing bangles and stuff, but I could add those later.

God, I really need a better spot for taking doll photos, but I don't have anything set up in my room right now. Oh well.


  1. I also found the scooter at a thrift shop! It's missing the "kick stand" part, though.

    1. You can totally make up something to replace the kick stand, like popsicle sticks.