Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ever After High Epic Winter Snow Pixies Foxanne and Veronicub

Ever After High's upcoming movie is called Epic Winter. It features one of the newest characters in the school: Crystal Winter, daughter of the Snow Queen. With her are her small friends Foxanne and Veronicub, collectively known as Snow Pixies. Foxanne is designed after a snow fox, while Veronicub was designed after a polar bear.

Oh gosh the official art and stock photos are now available. Have a look:

Foxanne and Veronicub - official art

Oh I love this art. They're so gorgeous. If only their dolls come with articulated joints. They would really look much cooler.

Foxanne - full body shot

Foxanne - full body shot

Foxanne - up close

Foxanne's hair needs more curls at the end.

Foxanne - fur

Foxanne - shoes

Foxanne's skin is grey or white. Not sure if Ghoulia is available for a body transplant. Probably too dark? Maybe Catrine deMew or Duchess Swan. What do you think?

Veronicub - full body shot

Veronicub - full body shot

Veronicub - up close

Veronicub's hair needs a restyle to make it look like the one on her art. This is so Catrine deMew.

Veronicub - fur

Veronicub - shoes
Veronicub's skin tone looks similar to Draculaura's and Bunny Blanc's, hmm?

I wonder if they would look better if their shoes have been switched.

And I wish the detailing of their shoes have been painted, but these are actually budget dolls so that's impractical on Mattel's part, I guess.

I can't wait to see OOAK dolls of these two! So cute!

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