Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pre-Loved Monster High Dolls

I bought some Monster High dolls online:

Operetta and Gigi Grant are intact while Lagoona Blue and second Operetta doll have missing limbs. That's fine, to think that signature Gigi is difficult to find for me here in Manila for a good price.

I now have three Operettas, and Lagoona here is my second Dance class Lagoona, so now I have three Lagoona dolls.

I found Spectra Vondergeist too, but she was missing some accesories like a wrist band, a hair accessory, and her ankle cuffs, but that's totally fine.

This was after I gave her a bath and fixed her armour thing. It wasn't supposed to go on the waist but on her shoulders!

I also added a fabric flower on her pony tail because I thought the colour of the flower matched her colour scheme very well. It's a nice touch.

As usual, I'm still behind my sewing and restoration projects so I shouldn't buy any more dolls, but I did rearrange my dolls in their storage case so I guess seeing how many I already have puts things in perspective.

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