Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jem: A Work In Progress

I finally made a dress for Jem last night but I think I have to adjust it some more.

Aww it looks like a trench coat or a robe. I made the neckline like that because I was thinking of a kimono when I was sewing the dress.

I didn't give enough room for the sleeves because I figured that I will just display her on the shelf so she can just stand up with her arms on her sides. Besides her modified hands are biking hands so even if I bent her arms, it wouldn't look like she's holding a mic, but a bike handle instead, as seen on this post.

I cheated by making a tube top out of a piece of fabric I wrapped on her chest and secured it with masking tape, which is hidden under all that fabric.

I will have to shorten the hemline so that it would show off her thighs, and change the way the hemline looks because it's supposed to go downwards the opposite way, as seen on her original dress:

Photo from Mego Museum
I tied a sheer blue grey ribbon around her waist as her belt because that's all I have.

Her shoes are still not done. Those are just Ken clone shoes and I'll have to paint them in magenta.

Jem came in her original tights so that's cool because I don't find it easy making doll pants and other types of bottoms with leg holes.

I love her hair. I made her light pink hair pop out more by painting them with pink hair mascara which I demo'd here. Her hair doesn't feel stiff even with the hair mascara. That's because I carefully applied the mascara on her hair and didn't put a lot to colour it. Then when the mascara dried, I brushed her hair with a dog brush, which is a must have for your doll arsenal.

I will make a microphone for her to hold later, after the dress has been adjusted.


  1. Do dog brushes have the wire bristles? I've been trying to find a wig brush, but if I dog brush will do the same I'll give it a try!

    1. Yes! It works. I got the tip from watching Denisa Medrano's videos. Example: