Saturday, May 21, 2016

Zombie Alice doll for Pre-order

OK so I didn't mention this right away, but I heard back from Once Upon A Zombie a week or two ago and I was told that I shall receive my doll soon because they asked for my shipping address again. I don't know the ETA but I really hope it's not as late as June because the Zombie Alice doll will be officially released online on May 26.

Anyway here's a closer look of Zombie Alice, Zombie Cinderella and Zombie Sleeping Beauty. I'm only posting about these three first because Alice is a new doll, while Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty have been re-styled.

All photos from

Zombie Alice - full body shot

Zombie Alice - up close

Zombie Alice - in box

Zombie Sleeping Beauty - full body shot

Zombie Sleeping Beauty - up close

Zombie Sleeping Beauty - in box

Zombie Cinderella - full body shot

Zombie Cinderella - up close

Zombie Cinderella - in box
I can't say much about the face sculpt, if it has been modified because I don't even have a first wave Zombie Princess doll to make comparisons with, but these redressed dolls are looking good.

I also want to mention that Zombie Belle and Zombie Little Mermaid are getting new hairstyles, and I particularly like Belle's crimps:

Zombie Belle - full body shot

To see the other dolls, just go to the main OUAZ website and click DOLLS.

Oh how I wish I'd get the Zombie Alice doll soon....

/I added a comparison photo of what Zombie Alice looked like when she was previewed two years ago, and what she looks like today.

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