Monday, May 23, 2016

This Magik Petz Doll Looks Unoriginal

I was browsing online for Mimo figures when I stumbled upon a doll line on YouTube. It's called Magik Petz, and it was showed at Hong Kong Toy Fair in January this year. Here's the YouTube video I watched. One of the doll face sculpts caught my eye. First, let me show the thumbnail of the video:

Doesn't the sculpt look familiar???

That looks like an I Love VIP Pets toy from IMC Toys, doesn't it???

I Love VIP Pets Lea
I made a comparison of I Love VIP Pets Lea and this Magik Petz doll called Dana:

I Love VIP Pets vs Magik Petz

The eye screening is different, but the rest looks pretty similar. What where they thinking??!

I found a page where two of this dog-faced dolls are sold and these are their pictures of the dolls still in box:

Magik Petz Dana

Magik Petz Chloe
Seriously, Chloe's eye makeup is very similar to another I Love VIP Pets doll's makeup. It's really sad.

These dog dolls even come with pets sometimes:

Magik Petz Chloe with pet. Photo source:

A pet with a pet. Doesn't this set gives off major Pinkie Cooper vibes? OK...

I don't know about the other Magik Petz doll. Some of them are human looking, and the other looks like a pig, but these dog dolls are ~something else. What a shame.


  1. I got some of these Magik Petz from a friend in South America. I had no idea they were originally on different bodies. Frankly, they're kinda cute. Now I have names to associate with my dolls, so thank you for the info!

    1. You're welcome! They're cute on their own, but for me it's so hard to look at them without thinking of I Love VIP Pets specially because I have one. And I know that body sculpt. It's based off of a Bratz body but modified arms and legs. It's very common for bootleg dolls from China.