Sunday, May 29, 2016

Snow Pixies Custom Dolls Ideas

The lack of articulation of the newest Ever After High Epic Winter Snow Pixies dolls is so disappointing. I wasn't expecting them to have full articulation anyway because of the previous release of the forest pixies dolls from the Dragon Games movie launch. Nevertheless, I was hoping Mattel would somehow improve the execution of the dolls.

I like the Snow Pixies Veronicub and Foxanne. Their box art is really pretty, but it doesn't translate that well on the dolls. They're not as dainty looking as I initially thought, so I'm having second thoughts now of buying them if ever they get released here in the Philippines. Besides, the dolls' price are twice as much here due to importation and taxation, so that's another thing that discourages me.

So I was thinking of ways for me to get that snow fox and polar bear fix on my dolls. What I came up with is to customise the Moxie Girlz Avery doll that I already have. She has blonde long hair and fair complexion, so I feel that she is a good candidate for snow pixie-fying, but my pink hair mascara is not enough to cover the bush that is called her hair and make her look like Veronicub. I still haven't lost hope though because I could use watered down acrylic paint to dye her hair pink, or blue if I want to make a customised Foxanne instead.

Anyway, I see so much potential in Moxie Girlz filling in the spot of the original Snow Pixies in my collection because first, Moxie Girlz is accessible to me. I can buy another one if I were to make both Snow Pixies custom dolls. Second, Moxie Girlz's hair can handle the bright colours and the curls. Take a look:

Moxie Girlz Magic Hair Cotton Candy Style - Avery

Moxie Girlz Magic Hair Cotton Candy Style - Sophina

Some comparison photos I made for fun:

Veronicub and Avery

Foxanne and Sophina

I also made a mock of the faceup. I skipped the yellow eyeshadow on Sophina, and the pink eyeshadow on Avery:

Oh I made her nose really big. Haha oops!!

Well,  I tried on the paw prints.

Ugh I just don't like the execution now of the snow pixie dolls. Why was that so easy to copy!!!!!1111111

Sure, Moxie Girlz dolls are not as articulated as Ever After High dolls, and their attachable feet are a con, but clothing option for these dolls is much more flexible for me than for these puny snow pixies who stand at around 8 to 9 inches.

Another way I was thinking of is to customise my two Licca-chan dolls, but at this moment I am not convinced that I should because they are much more difficult to find at a good price online than Moxie Girlz dolls, but what made me think of Licca as a possible base doll is this photo:

Cat-themed Licca

How adorable! And the faceup looks simple. Just some white paint around the nose and mouth area, and brown paint to add detail to the nose, lips and whiskers.

Now I feel that I am just in love with the idea of animals as dolls, and not necessarily these two Snow Pixies, but I could still warm up to them, you know. Sigh...

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