Friday, May 13, 2016

Barbie x Hi:Glamm Doll Hybrid

Hi:Glamm dolls are fashion dolls with extremely long legs. They're much taller than Barbie, and their face reminds me of Winx Club dolls, for some reason. At one point, a Hi:Glamm doll was in my wish list, but I changed my mind and just switched to Hasbro's Leggy dolls, vintage dolls with more manageable height but have the skinny long legs, as promised.

The other day I saw an online post about some pre-loved Hi:Glamm dolls, so I thought I'd look up Hi:Glamm dolls on the Internet once again. Then I stumbled upon this type of fakie:


These dolls seem to be a clone and a hybrid of Barbie and Hi:Glamm dolls. What sorcery is this?! I never thought I'd see the day when I find out that Hi:Glamm dolls have been cloned, sort of.

By looking at this photo, I am assured that I really do not want a Hi:Glamm doll anymore. I was mainly fascinated by the doll's rareness, and how funny their legs look specially when you want to pose them for a photo, that's why I kept it on my wish list for some time, but I realised the novelty of their legs looking like that does get tiring after a while.

Besides, I have a tall and long-legged doll like Lollipop Girls, and I find my own Lollipop Girls doll much more adorable and inspiring. I treat dolls as a muse. They should inspire me and make me happy when I look at them, or else why should I keep collecting them?

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