Wednesday, May 4, 2016


So it happened again.

I saw someone selling a certain doll sweater in an online selling group, and they said in the description of their post that the sweater is from an unknown source. I then left a comment saying it's the quidditch (a wizard sport) sweater worn by Mattel Harry Potter to help identify the doll that owns the sweater. I mean, sure, they didn't ask help to identify the sweater, but they did write in the description that it's from an unknown source. If you felt the need to mention that, doesn't it mean you are at least curious about where the item came from?

Well, I went back to the post because I wanted to look at the sweater again, and I found out that my comment has been deleted. Plus the description of the item being sold was not edited even though I've already identified the doll.

I would have been their potential customer had they struck a conversation with me in the comments, because I have a Mattel Harry Potter doll that could totally wear that sweater, and I don't mind getting an extra piece of clothing bundled with the sweater because it might fit my other dolls. But no.

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