Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bootleg Snow White Doll Rerooted

I finally finished rerooting my Disney Snow White clone doll today.

I basically just poked my needle through the original holes in her head, but since my needle's eye is a bit big, the holes I poked became bigger, which means, my plugs would be a little thicker. I kept that in mind because I don't really want a doll with a floppy head because of her heavy hair.

The hair I used isn't the best quality because it's just cheap hair extension, but I like this much better than the factory hair she came with, which was very shiny, slippery and scraggly. Alliterations, ahoy.

I tied her hair in a ponytail. To tame down the short hair strands that I didn't manage to catch, I just sprayed some hairspray on the doll's head. It made the hair stiff, which is fine to me, and somehow modernised her look because her ponytail isn't so flat looking on her head. The new hair and the hairspray gave volume to the hairstyle.

Her face somehow got stained because the acrylic paint I painted on her scalp got transferred to her face during reroot, so I got some cotton swabs dipped in nail polish remover and swabbed her face to get off the black stain, carefully going around her painted facial features: the eyebrows, eyes and lips.

Her head looks a bit zombie like because of the colour, but I think it's not just the acrylic paint's fault. Perhaps it's the combination of the paint transfer, what the head is made of which is a very light coloured and thin vinyl, and the roots of the new hair that are tucked inside her head. Light cannot pass freely through her vinyl head because of the hair inside, so I think that is why the whole head casts a darker shade, I guess.

I plan to give her a new dress, preferably the wedding dress Snow White wore in the movie Mirror, Mirror:

I know it's ambitious of me to copy such an amazing dress, but I really want a doll in the bride's likeness.

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