Saturday, October 15, 2016

Brown and Pink Coordinates

I have been a bit unmotivated to write on my blog as of late. Sigh. Anyway...

A few days ago, I made my Mattel Sharpay - Liv hybrid doll wear a Takara Jenny coordinate that consists of a jacket, a belt and pants all in this odd brown pattern. I tried the whole outfit on Made To Move Asha and the pants do not fit her at the waist. As usual I have no appropriate shoes that fit Liv dolls.

I made Fred look more pink.

I found a pink coat at the thrift store, and thought, This is so Fred, so I had to get it. Then I forgot that I have a pink cowboy hat, and found it recently, so I put it on him as well. Now he looks tacky as ever and I love it. The colour is inspired by his old fashions. I looked up photos of this vintage doll and saw that Fred had a lot of pink and tacky outfits, so he has to wear a similar one too!

In other news, I found my cling wrap roll, finally. I forgot that I placed it in the box where I kept my poor Christmas tree, so when I came looking for the tree because I wanted to set it up in our living room (Yes, it's totally acceptable in the Philippines to put up Christmas decorations at home when it's still October), I was pleasantly surprised that it was also there. Now I can make shoes for my barefoot dolls using the wrap and hot glue, haha.

Also this afternoon I found bootlegs of the Shopkins Season 5 blind backpacks! I had to get one set to compare to my authentic ones. Comparison photos of those soon!

And I want to share this photo I found on Tumblr. It made me laugh so much.

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