Tuesday, October 25, 2016

OMG Thrift Find: Fairy Tale High Dolls

I finally found two Fairy Tale High dolls from the thrift store recently!! It was quick for me to wash them and give them a style makeover.

Fairy Tale High dolls: Before & After

I got a handless Teen Cinderella and a Teen Tinkerbell with her hands still intact, yes!

On Teen Cinderella:
Barbie athletic jacket and shorts
Very short red shirt from a random teddy bear, I guess
Hair band I made out of decorative paper stars and a water bottle plastic ring
Daiso black socks and pearl necklace
Red clone MyScene shoes

On Teen Tinkerbell:
New Moon Sindy fatigue shirt
Takara denim skirt with lace
Green Pocahontas bag
Pink doll shoes that I won as a prize online
Plastic bow from a Barbie Swappin Styles head

Teen Cinderella's hands were made from a drink stirrer, which I've first discussed here, and similar to what I did to C.A. Cupid here.

Fairy Tale High Teen Cinderella

Fairy Tale High Teen Tinkerbell
I'm pretty pleased with these two. I don't think I need more of them. I love Teen Tinkerbell's hair because it's so different! And I was surprised that Teen Cinderella's hair is actually manageable, though I did lose a hair plug during the hair combing stage.

I don't mind these dolls not having great articulation. I just want them to be able to stand up or sit down anyway.

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