Thursday, October 6, 2016

Playing With Made To Move Doll Outfit

The Made To Move doll's stock outfit becomes tiring to play with after a while, doesn't it?

It's just made up of a stretch shirt and black pants. So I decided to change it up by making Asha wear her stock outfit in different ways.

I pulled the top downwards to reveal Asha's shoulders. Not at all imaginative, right?

I then pulled her arms out of the sleeves, then tied the sleeves at the back, to make a tube top.

Then I placed one of the sleeves over her shoulders and tied both sleeves at the back. Now the top looks like a one shoulder tank top.

Then I tied both sleeves from behind her neck. This silhouette is too boxy for her chest, but... wait for it...

I used a clear loom band to tie the middle of the top to create some sort of sweetheart top, and now the silhouette is much better. If I need an extra doll outfit for the beach, I'd probably do this one again.

Then I shifted the top to the side and tied the sleeves again at the back, similar to the one shoulder tank top, just to see if the fabric would behave differently.

Then I inverted the top, so the pink fabric is now above the yellow fabric, to make a tube top.

Then I realised that I'm not doing anything else to her pants so I want to change it up as well. I turned the pants into a top, and the top into a skirt.

The waist band with the garter is gathered around her neck with a black elastic then the pant legs are placed under her armpits then tied at the neck again using the same elastic.

I like how the waist band looks like a real frilly collar.

Here's the back view. This top is too revealing, haha.

Then I just removed the pant legs from the elastic and used a different elastic to tie them together at the back.

Then I removed the elastic from the pant legs, and just tucked the pant legs underneath the "skirt". I think I like this one the most. It's now a backless halter dress of some sort.

Then I wanted to turn the crotch of the pants into some kind of neckline so I placed the waistband part of the pants upside down and in front of her tummy, then draped the pant legs over her shoulders, then placed a black elastic around her waist and tucked the waist band and the ends of the pants legs underneath.

Lastly I decided to turn the pants into a bandeau with one arm strap. I don't remember how I did it, lol, but I know it's a whole lot of mess in the back.

My thoughts about Asha? I haven't really warmed up to her, I don't know why. I don't feel as inspired to play with her unlike my other dolls. I don't want to let her go though because it's my sister's gift, and she's not sold at the toy store here in the Philippines. I guess Asha's just waiting for her big break so that I could notice her more. Hang on, Asha.

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