Saturday, October 22, 2016

DIY Doll Halloween Masks

I found a Toy Kingdom catalogue as an insert in a daily newspaper and went through the pages. I saw a number of masks published on the catalogue, and it gave me an idea to cut those out and turn them into doll Halloween masks!

Some of the pages that have the Halloween masks on them:

Direct URL on Issuu: 

My only issue about this is that some masks are printed back to back, so I couldn't cut out all the masks without ruining the other masks at the back of the page. I just ended up choosing which one looks much better and cut that one out instead.

I cut out the masks from the catalogue, then I pasted them on old greeting cards using a glue stick to make them stronger. Then I cut them out again.

Here's California Dream Midge modelling some of the masks I finished when I was halfway done with all of them:

The eyes have been cut out so that the doll can "see". In some of the masks I made a cut on the nose area so that the doll's nose can protrude while the mask stays flat on the doll's face. I secured a loom band at the back of the mask using staple wires. The staple wires are pretty obvious on the front, but it's a Halloween mask anyway so it doesn't have to be so perfect looking.

The cutouts I made on the eyes were not exact, so my cuts ended up looking jagged, and there are these small rips on the paper which are clearly visible from the front. To hide those, I just outlined the eyeholes with a black marker. The black marker also adds some darkness to the appearance of the masks. 

I don't think I have the energy to dress all of my dolls for Halloween, so these masks are more convenient and practical to use.

Happy Halloween!

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