Monday, October 3, 2016

Obsessing About Kimani

When I found out that my sister is travelling soon to meet my other sister abroad, I thought of what I could ask them to buy for me overseas. Of course the most obvious would have to be a doll, lol. Anyway, I also heard the news from my [doll-collecting] friend that our online friend who resides in the US would be visiting Manila soon, so my [doll-collecting] friend is browsing the Walmart website for things she'd want her to bring from America. So I went looking for stuff on the Walmart website as well and stumbled upon this doll.

OMG she is beautiful!

This is Kimani of Prettie Girls from the One World Doll Project.

Kimani is from Ghana, Africa. Look at her skin colour, omg. She's so gorgeous!!!

That face! Those lips! Those eyes!

Kimani is currently sold for $12.97, and it's been only two days since I saw her online. I'm still trying to sleep over the idea of getting her a couple more times to make sure I'm really serious about this potential purchase. I read somewhere they were originally being sold for around $21 to $24? What... then $12.97 is indeed a bargain.

If I don't get a Kimani doll, then this post will serve as my shrine for her, because she looks AMAZING!!!


  1. I've not heard of this line of dolls before, she is beautiful!

    1. Oh check out the Walmart website for Prettie Girls. There are four fashion dolls, and then there are the teen versions, which are not my thing, but they are very interesting too.