Thursday, October 6, 2016

New And Old Stock at The Local Department Store

JUST LOOK AT THESE ANLILY DOLLS!! They arrived at the local department store at the beginning of the month!


There's the green doll with a chevron pattern top and denim style skirt!

There's a pink doll (with brown hair, boo) with a striped top and pink denim skirt!

And there's a purple doll with polka dotted shirt and purple denim skirt!!

The outfits are all one-piece, not separates, and they remind me of Chambray Chic Curvy Barbie!

I looked at their shoes and they look pretty nice.

I'm so tempted to get the green doll. It costs P209.75 so I'm really tempted, but I'm dealing with it. It looks more fun than the budget Barbie dolls, ugh.

I also saw this reproduction doll at the mall. It looks like old stock and doesn't get the light of day all the time. I opened the box and...


A reproduction Bubblecut Barbie? Is that how people call this??

I love this dress!! It's so chic looking and sparkling!

Her other outfits are made of the same fabric too. These outfits are okay but nothing beats the collared dress! Her price is P6999.75 and there's no way I could afford her. Kbye.

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