Thursday, September 15, 2016

My First Doll Day

Recently I met up with my friend and we brought along some of our dolls. I must say, it was a fun doll day!

My friend and I unboxed our new dolls: a Ryan doll for her, and a Curvy Barbie for me. Here's Curvy, or should I start calling her Rhian now, heh.

My friend was too excited to open Ryan's box, so no picture of him in the box, haha.

Oh and I brought 2 sofas, but it wasn't enough for all the guests. Aww.

Back row: Nikki, Barbie, Barbie, Asha, Barbie, Zombie Alice
Front row: Ken, Belle, Lottie, Cloetta (My friend would like to continue calling her that even though it's a misidentification and it should be Angelic), Rhian, Barbie

I normally go for the headache pose for Asha, because she likes showing off that she can touch her face or head, LOL. Here she is with Nikki and her fabulous animal print dress.

Rhian, Asha, Nikki and Ken. My friend bought 4 new doll stand and we used them right away.

The gang at the other end of the table, because the lighting on this side is much better.

It was nice that Zombie Alice was full when she arrived at doll day and didn't crave for brains.

Belle was like, Uh hi.

My dear Lottie, with her Tita Barbies!

More Barbies!

"Cloetta" basking in her own awesomeness. On the floor.

Asha maintained her "Oh I have a headache but look at me and my fabulous coat" pose.

Nikki and Ryan. I feel that there's somewhat a spark between them. Don't you think so?

Rhian needs a comb, lol.

Look who caught up with the gang: Elsa and a puppy dog!

Elsa hasn't taken a shower and a hair spa yet. Her hair is a mess.

Lottie and her Tita Zombie Alice. Alice can get quite overprotective of the young one.

That's why Lottie is fond of her.

Zombie Alice: Lottie, you've been a good girl. As promised, I didn't eat you. And we'll attend the next doll day.

Lottie: Oh wow you're the best, Tita Alice!

I actually had more dolls with me that day, but they weren't dressed up and needed washing and styling.


  1. Congrats! YOu have curvy Barbie, she's a beauty. So you brought a lot of your dolls I see :-)

    1. Just four of them. Zombie Alice, Lottie, Asha and Curvy Barbie. The rest are my friend's.