Thursday, September 8, 2016

Excited About Chloe Grace Moretz as The Little Mermaid

Unofficial art I grabbed online of Chloe Grace Moretz as The Little Mermaid

OK, so with the current trend of Disney classic movies being turned into live action movies comes the dolly merchandise. So when I heard about Chloe Grace Moretz being cast as the lead in the upcoming The Little Mermaid live action movie, these came into my mind:

  1. "Hit Girl is now a mermaid!"
  2. "Hit Girl is now a mermaid!"
  3. "Hit Girl is now a mermaid!"
  4. "Hit Girl is now a mermaid!"
  5. "Hit Girl is now a mermaid!"
The thing is I should be thinking about it the other way around: The mermaid is now Hit Girl. That's because I'm anticipating a Little Mermaid doll made in the likeness of Chloe Moretz. If you've been reading my blog, you would know how much I like Hit Girl from Kick-Ass. I even made my first custom doll as Hit Girl. Now I think 2017 would be best time to make a custom fashion doll of Hit Girl. You've got the Little Mermaid movie coming out next year, and with the movie comes the dolls. Get a Chloe doll, behead the poor thing, reroot her hair from whatever colour they'd choose her hair to be in the movie to purple, style her hair short with bangs, transfer her head to a Barbie Made To Move body, and dress her up in custom Hit Girl bodysuit. Wouldn't it be neat, short plaid skirt and all?

I mean, fine, Chloe has a custom head sculpt offered by Kumik Toys, but their sculpt looks more like Avril Lavigne to me than Chloe. And I believe this sculpt would not be as accessible as a mass-produced Disney doll with Chloe's face on it.

I'm already excited when the movie is far from being finished! Beauty and The Beast isn't even released yet, lol! Get on it, Jakks Pacific!

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