Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I'm Letting Elsa Go

Ok, cheesy title, but I found Disney Store Elsa at a thrift store for P150. I just had to "rescue" her.

I forgot to swipe off the crumbs next to her, haha. Sorry!

I think she's complete! Doll, dress, shoes!

Her makeup is still good!

Her hair is a mess and needs restyling.

Her dress is torn at the back. As you can see it, it came off the stitch between the sheer and blue fabric.

Flat shoes!

OK, so I already have a Mattel Elsa, and I'm really satisfied with her. I don't need Disney Store Elsa, but I think my friend does because she just bought a secondhand and nude Disney Store Anna with bad hair. I thought if I pass DS Elsa to her, she might say yes. And she did!

So I don't have to clean her up and restyle her hair. My friend agreed to do that. Whew! I'm glad she did because her dress leaves a glitter trail every time I touch it. I stored Elsa in a plastic bag now and has put her aside in a box where I keep the other things I'm going to give to my friend.

Decluttering time!

I'm also giving my friend a set of doll hair brushes for free. I got most of these from a lot of toys. I wanted the other things from the lot, but not these brushes, because I have enough for myself. I mean, I own some Monster High and Ever After High brushes which I barely use, a Liv brush (the one I like the most) and even a Winx Club brush I thrifted because the handle has wings at the end of it, haha! I also have a glow in the dark brush just like that wide pink brush at the far right of the photo which I got from my bootleg Zombie Rapunzel. Plus I like my dog brush a lot. I use it frequently together with my Liv brush. So yep, I don't need more doll hair brushes.

My friend is coming up with a doll sale for her neighbours though, so I thought those doll brushes will come in handy for her. She can include the brushes as freebies.

Also I'm giving her this baby doll chair I thrifted a while back. I thought I could modify it into an adult doll chair, but it just looks off to me. I never got around to using it, but my friend might find it useful because she bought a secondhand "4 Ever Best Friends" doll that I think could fit in here just fine.

This doll chair is called Amanda Jane. I don't know this doll.

The chair is made of hard plastic and a metal stand, with a padded cushion and rubbery belt to secure the doll in place.

The chair can be reclined.

The height of the chair is adjustable, as you can see by the three notches on the side of the chair.

My friend is still waiting for a package, which has dolls we both purchased. We're going to meet up soon, and I'm going to get my dolls from her and that excites me. I am also giving her the doll clothes and toys I bought on her behalf, and I've added other things in her goody bag. I'm really looking forward to meeting her so we could catch up on each other's life and stuff.