Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Red Ranger's New Hands and More Hybrid Dolls

So I found new hands for my Red Ranger!

I found these hands at a Japanese thrift store. I think they are S.H. Figuarts hands? The holes of the hands are too big for Red Ranger's wrist knobs, so I used masking tape to thicken the knobs. It worked!

Red Ranger playing rock, paper, scissors with himself.

Power! Energy! Yeah!

So this is how babies are made.


LET'S DANCE! *tsugs tsugs tsugs*


SHHHH... Let me think for a second.

I don't know what Red Ranger is doing here.

Red Ranger trying to be formal, I guess.

Speaking of transplants, look what I did to my Liv dolls:

I decided to do body transplants to three dolls I think would look nicely together.

Left: That's Mary Kate Olsen. I broke her neck plug when I was removing her head, aww. And her neck hole seems to be much smaller than Barbie's, so she's looking like a giraffe over there.

Middle: Sharpay Evans from High School Musical. My friend got her for free from a lot of dolls she recently bought. She didn't want her and decided to give her to me. She's also looking like a giraffe because of the small neck hole. I wonder why she has a tan. I don't remember Sharpay being tan like that.

Right: Hannah Montana! I got her in a Barbie body first, but I decided to transfer her head to a Liv body, and oh boy, Hannah already has two neck plugs lost inside her head. I couldn't pull them out because her vinyl is very tough.

So now I have two hybrid doll groups with Liv bodies: Mattel Disney princesses, and these TV personalities. Soon I'd like to photograph them in one place.

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