Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Backpack-Shaped Pencil Sharpeners

On this blog entry, I posted about these pencil sharpeners I bought that are shaped like backpacks. I thought they are perfect for dolls so I bought four of them. I finally got around to adding straps to them.

I'm too lazy to pull out my glue gun and use it tonight so I thought of just stringing the backpacks. I remember I bought 2 coloured bra straps, as seen here, and I haven't even touched them for a long time. I was thinking of using them as doll suspenders but the chance and inspiration never came around, so I thought it would be best to use them for this hack.

Sorry, I didn't take pictures of each step I took, but basically I just removed the pencil sharpeners inside the plastic cases, then I strung each bra strap on the back of each bag, then I tied it into a knot and hid the knot inside the bag.

Here's Meygana posing with the bags for me:

I worked on the pink bag and pink strap first. I picked Meygana because she was the most accessible to me at the time, and her side glance would help her model the bags.

Meygana the school girl, yes?

I think it fits perfectly. Because the straps are elastic, I think it would also fit my other dolls.

Pink backpack with Frozen Elsa design.

Green backpack with the other pink strap and Frozen Elsa and Anna design.

Meygana and her yellow backpack. I think this colour combination suits her.

Yellow backpack with blue strap and Frozen Elsa design.

Blue backpack with the other blue strap and Frozen Anna, Kristoff and Sven design.

I still have to work on the tiny Shopkins backpacks. It's inevitable for me to use the glue gun and glue down ribbon straps on them. Just do it, Jamie, do it!

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