Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lottie's Trip To Bohol [Day 2]

We stayed at Lost Horizon beach dive resort in Alona Beach.

We had to wake up early because we would be watching the dolphins, and it's best to watch them early in the morning.

Lottie sitting properly on the boat, and being careful too, because there wasn't any life vest that would fit Lottie.

Ah, dolphins!

I should be inserting a video of the dolphins here, but for some reason, I'm having a difficulty uploading the video to YouTube. Hmm...

Here's the video!

We actually went to Balicasag beach to do some sea turtle watching and snorkelling, but I didn't bring Lottie near the water because I was scared that I might lose her while I swam. The water was also really deep, as it is very suitable for scuba diving, and the current was a little strong. Lottie was not at all prepared and equipped for scuba diving. Maybe when she gets older, hmm...

Just hanging out at the shore line of Balicasag beach, after the sea turtle watching and snorkelling.

Lottie was so ready to go on our next adventure!

These were taken at Virgin Island. I love this place. It's a sand bar with no trees, but that's OK. It's a small island, the skies are blue, and the water is clear!

It's a safe place for Lottie, because the water is manageable. The current wasn't strong for her.

More photos with the starfish because Lottie loves them!

Glad that I brought her pool floaties so she can explore where the (weak) current takes her.

Lottie wanted to see a starfish up close so I picked up a starfish gently for her to examine. Then I put it back carefully and quickly in the water, because I didn't want the starfish to dry up.

More swimming.

I like this photo.

Going back to our boat...

... but not until this photo was taken...

... And these photos, too. We found a big and random tree branch of some sort in the water.

It was time to go home.

We got back to Alona beach, and Lottie's beach hair was wilder than ever.

Lottie is a happy kid!

Day 3 post coming up soon!


  1. Wow, lucky Lottie! I liked the starfish scene, beautiful place Oly!