Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lottie's Trip To Bohol [Day 3]

Lottie, Toffee and I had our early morning stroll along the beach, to witness the sunrise.

Lottie and Toffee were a little curious about the green stuff on the ground. Those are sea weeds.

"There's a lot!"

Alona beach has its own charm, even though it's occupied with a lot of fishing boats, and the boats obstructs the view of the beach. I think the boats themselves give this beach character.

We had to move to a different resort this day. Our next stop was Bellevue Resort and the beach is pretty cool. We were only able to come up to our hotel room at 3 pm, but it was like 1 or 2pm when we arrived at the resort, so we had a lot of time to spare at the beach before unpacking.

Ah! I love this place! It's isolated and exclusive.

I couldn't help myself but walk towards this floating platform thing across the resort. I didn't even shower or change to swimwear. I immediately went to the water with my shirt and shorts, lol.

It was a struggle to get back to the shore, though. I couldn't climb back up this platform specially since the water was chest level, and the ladders available only had one rung. It was too high for me at the time. I also couldn't climb up the rope ladder on the side of the platform because my arms are weak, and I couldn't pull myself up, wet clothes and all. I'm glad I brought my wet bag with me, so I used that as a flotation device to swim back to shore. But it was so exhausting and gross because the shoreline was too far away, and I was barefoot, that my feet sometimes touched the sea grass. It disgusted me. I was screaming in disgust while I swam back.

Our hotel room was really nice!!!

Can you see the floating platform on the water? That was where I went earlier, street clothes and all, haha. It's easy to see where the light blue colour ends and the dark blue colour starts in the water because of the sea grass, which I hated so much.

The view from our porch. This place is gorgeous!

And look, the gang is here to join Lottie!

Ariel was hiding her face the entire time because her nose is dirty. It's true, there's a smudge of blue on her nose and I couldn't take it off. She's undergoing spot treatment, as I speak.

Hannah and Nakoma were cool about Ariel though. They didn't humiliate her for acting this way in the group photos.

All three of them were wearing tops out of balloons! I didn't have time to sew them new clothes for this trip! LOL

My Barbies: Asha, Midge, Nikki, and Trichelle. They only came to this trip for the photos. They didn't really want to get wet, just like the Liv doll gang.

Of course, Lottie had her own photo with Toffee here.

I changed clothes and went back to the beach. The sun was high and it was perfect for photography.

I tried canoeing and it hurt my groin muscles a little, lol, but I'm glad that I was able to canoe. I never thought I could, to be honest. 

I found these sand mountains and thought Lottie might like sitting on top of one of them. She did.

I love this beach, to be honest. The water was really clear, and the shallow part of the sea was very wide during the high tide, so it was cool to stay near the shoreline but still be able to swim around. I didn't go near the platform again because of the disgusting sea grass.

I also spent time just sitting here on the sand, just looking at whatever I could out there, trying to process everything in. It was very peaceful.

I couldn't get enough of the water so I swam again, this time at the resort pool. There was an infinity pool so it looked really good from afar, and there was also a 12-foot deep pool! I still get scared swimming in a deep pool even if I can swim, so it took a while for me to enjoy this very deep pool and just go for it. I must say, I got over my fear of the deep pretty well, because my swimming was very calculated and the pressure of the water didn't let me sink down below at all. I was swimming in the middle of that deep pool without any help, omg.

All this time I had to wear goggles, because I wore my contact lenses and didn't want to get them wet with salt water. Also it's really painful to swim without goggles, so I'm glad I brought a pair with me. I was able to look at the floor of the sea very well.

The Day 4 post, which will be the last post for this series, will be up soon! Thank you for your patience!

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