Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Intex Puff 'n Play Water Toy

Ooh what a great find. I found this small pool float at Toy Kingdom Express! It's by Intex, and I believe it's in scale with fashion dolls! It's quite similar to these drink pool floats!

I found an image online of this sailboat float I bought for only P89.75, with my card points so I didn't pay with cash out of my pocket.

Here's a video of the product!

I actually have two floats for Lottie already, as seen on this Trip to Bohol Day 2 post, but I thought another one wouldn't hurt.

I took photos of my dolls' new pool float:

Brand new pool float!

Out of the box

And I stretched it out. Oh it's quite bigger than I expected!

Blown up

Quite spacious for Lottie

Asha can fit in there 

Lottie and Asha can even share the pool float

I think it's great to have one like this, because one of the pool floaties I have would only fit Lottie on it, so if my Barbies and other fashion dolls would like to hang out in the pool, they can do so.

There are other designs. I like the black dolphin and pink flamingo, too, but this sailboat has a shallow hole in it, and that's what I need to keep my dolls from staying dry and afloat on water.

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